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We are a fun loving, adventure seeking family who just came back home to California last year. We sold our beautiful home in Charlotte and while living in Marin is gorgeous, we want the hometown feel and community that Danville provides.

Our Family

Sam Ruiz

Self-proclaimed neighborhood Iron Chef, Sam enjoys cooking and being active when he’s not working. As a hands-on-dad, he’s always in the know of what’s happening in the Ruiz household, cooking up dinners and helping out with the kiddos. As a DIY guy, Sam enjoys building accent furniture from pallets, and fixing the items on the never-ending Honey-Do list. He’s employed as a Sr. Marketing Manager for one of Silicon Valley’s hottest unicorn, Twilio and a veteran with an honorable discharge from the Navy in 1998.

Heather Ruiz

Need to organize a community function? Heather has you covered! Her extensive training in planning, organizing, and logistics management made her Hunter Oak’s official Social committee lead. Heather is a creative at heart and loves to design and decorate our homes. In the very short time she has to herself, she enjoys running, wine tasting, and making new friends along the way. If that’s not enough, Heather also runs and operates a small online boutique store, Cozy La La.

Jasmyne Ruiz

Our 11 year old family princess is our in-house diva. Like her mom, she’s a creative and social butterfly. Jasmyne’s academic interest include science, history, and reading. She’s a jr. engineer who loves to build robots and anything electronic. Jasmyne’s extracurriculars include golf and her latest passion, competitive swimming which she is a consistent 1st place contender in the link

Jaxson Ruiz

Jaxson is our first-born son who’s definitely a momma’s boy. Jaxson loves to play and is an avid fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Growing up in a neighborhood of girls, he also knows how to play Care Bears and Barbie (if he can play Ken). Jaxson just turned 4 in March.

Jacob Ruiz

Our last (and final child!), Jacob. Let’s just say Jacob keeps everyone on their toes. He’s super adventurous and loves to laugh and play. When Jake is not climbing something or dismantling one of Dad’s electronics he’s busy “playing” with the dog.

Chico Ruiz

Did I say Jake was our last child? Actually, Chico might fit that title as he is our loyal and faithful cat-dog. A Weimaraner/Stafford mix, Chico’s activities include sleeping, waking up and finding the next place to sleep, eating, sleeping, and his favorite pastime, sleeping. Chico’s super calm demeanor has earned him a recommendation for use as a Therapy Dog, which he’s currently in the process of certification.

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Hopefully this gives you an idea of who we are and what we are like. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more info! We are available for birthday parties, community get-togethers, date nights, and of course wine nights!

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